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With COVID-19 canceling our plans for an in-person Homecoming, we are changing up our annual fundraising efforts. This year, we are launching a pledge class fundraising race! The fraternity will cover the cost of Homecoming Dinner for each member of the winning pledge class. Deep down, we all know that our pledge class is the best one to ever come through the Rose Tech chapter of Triangle – and now there’s a quantitative way to prove your class’s superiority! 😀

FAQ: How do I donate?
Our fundraiser this year will be through Paypal. There is a “Send & Request” tab at the top of the page when logged in. Make sure “Send” is highlighted and send your donation to

IMPORTANT: Make sure to add your pledge class in the “Add a Note” field on the next page. If a pledge class year is not provided, your donation will not count towards your pledge class total.

What is my pledge class year?
Your pledge class year is when you started the pledge process, which is not necessarily the same year your class went active. For example, I pledged my freshman year, which was the 2013-14 school year. Our pledge process started in 2013, so I am the pledge class of 2013, even though we went active in 2014.

I was part of the spring pledge class. How will my donation be counted?
Your donation will count toward the pledge class of the year you started the pledge process. This means that your donations will be totaled with the brothers in the fall pledge class.

How will the donations be tracked?
When a pledge class year is provided in the Note field, your donations will be tracked by the alumni treasurer. Updates and leaderboard will be posted 2x / week between now and the start of the Annual Homecoming Meeting (October 3rd, 10 AM Eastern) on our private Facebook group, Triangle Rose-Tech Chapter. If you are not part of this group, please message Loys Rees or Garrett Manship to be added.

I’m not comfortable using Paypal or don’t have an account. Can I donate by mailing a paper check?
Absolutely! But it will not count towards your pledge class’s donation total. There are legal repercussions of conducting a fundraiser through the mail, so we cannot accept paper checks for this challenge. If you still want to donate, you may do so by mailing a check to the fraternity’s campus mailbox using the following address:
Triangle Fraternity
5500 Wabash Ave, CM 5054
Terre Haute, IN 47803

Where did the inspiration for this challenge come from?
A broken refrigerator. When the brothers came back to move into the house this fall, they found that one of our commercial refrigerators had died. We approached the class of 2013 asking for support, and they put up $2400 to cover the cost of a new refrigerator at a time when the fraternity needed it most.  

I have another question that is not covered here.
Please send an email to Garrett Manship, the Alumni Treasurer monitor this account. If I get the same question more than once, I will post the question and answer on the chapter’s Facebook page.

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