Replace Carpet in the Hallways

The existing carpet has been in place since 2005. We are seeking funds to tear out our current carpet in the hallways and replace them with new carpet squares. This will allow easier repair in the future without having to rip out the entire floor.

$0 $7000

Renovate the Bathroom Stalls

The stalls have been the same for the past 11 years. There has been much wear and tear over the years and we would like to purchase new stalls that are sturdy and easily cleaned. This will benefit the Fraternity Brothers and visitors on a daily basis.

$0 $2264

Get Outside Security Lights

The House has suffered from theft over the summers in the past when it is empty. We are looking to prevent future incidents by purchasing and installing security lights. These lights will be combined with future security upgrades to make the House safer for all the Brothers.

$0 $300

Get a New Basement Door

The basement door of the House is damaged. We need a replacement door for security. The door in the basement will be locked at all times to prevent intruders. The current door is inadequate and must be replaced as soon as possible.

$0 $550

Replace All the Mattresses

The mattresses at the House are dated. We Lysol them every quarter but Lysol can only do so much over time. We would like to replace our mattress on an ongoing basis. Every new mattress bought will go to a Brother of your choosing or we will do a lottery. Believe us when we say that your donation is very much appreciated.

$0 $1600